About Us

Slingshot Cycles

Sometimes being the fastest means being able to slow your pace.  After all, what good is horsepower if you can't pull the reigns and control it? 

At Slingshot Cycles we understand that having that balance is needed, especially on two wheels. Our products take that value to heart so when you need to shave off speed its consistent, reliable, and under your control. Our stainless steel braided lines provide your bike with a dramatic improvement in performance and feel over your factory brake hoses so you can ride with more confidence and control on the street or track. Slingshot Cycles was founded in 2009 so that owners of classic and vintage motorcycles could have the option to upgrade the braking on their bikes.  The first set of Slingshot Cycles' brake lines was for a K2 CB750 and since then we've continued to add more models to our product line.  

Our brake hose kits are made in our tiny little shop by hand in Richmond VA. They are DOT compliant and backed with a limited lifetime warranty. It's our pleasure to offer them up to you so that you can worry a little bit less when you're riding your classic bike. Like we said earlier, what good is speed if you can't control it?